App Upgrade pricing

I was referred to this program by a friend who told me to buy the 512 version as its on sale for $49 on the website however the price don’t not show up in the app store? I would really like to get this app working asap.

Thanks for any help…


Hi !
I have this price on the store, what do you see ?

on the webpage it says $49 but in the app store the 512 it $99.

i bought the starter version for 54 and the upgrade to pro is 99 in the in app upgrade section…

any update on this please.

Same thing happened to me when I bought it, just contact them and they can send you a code to get the $49.99 pricing.

I try to understand this problem… I will come back to you soon. sorry for that :frowning_face:

Can you please send me a screenshot of this popup by touching the upgrade star at the bottom left of the screen please ?

Thank you, this is really strange. What is the price when you click on “Upgrade to Pro Plan” on the confirm dialog ?

it also comes up as $99 and that’s after i pay the $54 Canadian

I found the problem! And unfortunately it’s not a problem… It’s Apple who sets the currency conversion table. So the price is right.

For Apple, an In-App purchase at $69 US is equal to $99 CAD.

I am sorry for the Canadians but you will have to pay Photon more, we can’t make specific prices per country.

I’m having a similar issue.

I bought the starter pack which was 39.99 usd

And realized I needed the pro version…

And now if I try to upgrade it , it’s charging me 69.99$ on top … which makes is $99.99

Is there a way I can return it and buy that pro package for 59.99 usd ?

Or can I get a code or something to have the price matched ? So I’m not paying extra for the upgrade ?

Hi @Djrubyru,

This is not an issue, the normal price for the pro version is $99.
We currently have a promotion for $59 to promote this full version. However, if you prefer to subscribe to the Starter version then you will have to make up the difference to reach the normal price of $99.
Depending on the country, you have the possibility (within a short period of time) to ask Apple for a refund if you were mistaken.

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@Cclleemm so to upgrade from started to Pro I’ll have to pay the whole difference? There’s not a way to get it upgraded for the promotion price ? Cause I just paid 39.99usd and I rather just upgrade for the pro package for 59.99 usd.

Is it possible to pay you and you send me the update or the pro package?

I also just emailed Apple to get a refund! I rather just just upgrade it rather than doing the whole refund route

@Cclleemm nvm I figured it out!

The price changed now ! So I was able to get the starter for 39.99 and got to upgrade it to the pro for 19.99 on top so a grand total of 59.99$

Thank you once again for the quick help! Glad I didn’t have to do the refund process ! We are now PRO members! Haha :pray:t3: