Our 1st Live Gig Using Photon!

8 Pars and 1 Gigbar under Photon2 control. 20 presets and a sound synchronized sequence holding each random preset for 2 beats (laser/derbys for 4 beats). The band AND our fans noticed right away!

Live band lighting using Photon


Hi ! Thank you for sharing :wink:
We are always proud to see Photon in action.
How the music sync is done, with the iPad built-in mic ? And is the strobe also automatically triggered ?

I used the iPad built in mic to move between presets. The “strobe” function is a macro built into each PAR56 and Gigbar. I simply saved the appropriate channel values in a preset and then choose it during the sequence.

My next goal is to trigger different presets and sequences via MIDI so I can synchronize the lights to different songs and parts of songs (verses, chorus, solos, etc…)

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