Problem connecting photon & dmx devices

hi, im having problem to connect between my ipad photon to my dmx devices. pls assist me asap. thank you.

Hello !
Have you seen this video ?
It can help you.

You set the universe on DMXKing to 7, that’s mean you have to set the universe to 6 on Photon (it’s because DMXKing universes start from 1 and not from 0).
Moreover, for the moment try multicast mode (delete the IP adress of your node on Photon).

Tell me if it works and after we will set the unicast mode together for better performances.

still doesn’t work.Changed my universal to 6 and from unicast to multicast on the photon app.

hi, its ok al ready, i just need to use multicast only or do i need to change to unicast now. pls advice. thanks

Perfect ! I’m happy that it’s work for you :slight_smile:
Try to put the IP : and tell me if it is ok with this settings

ok, its working. what is d different to put that IP?

i think almost 8 mth after buying this edmx1 pro, this is d 1st time its working after soo long. thanks alot

Woaaa ! it is perfect, I’m very happy that it’s working. 8 month it’s very long oO
If you like Photon don’t hesitate to put a 5 stars review, we also need some help to make our app known :wink:

yes for sure i’ll put 7 star. is it ok :rofl::joy:

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Thank you very much, enjoy with Photon !!