Programming Movers

I am having trouble programming movers. So far I only have the location working correctly. Can you please add these fixtures to your device list?

product link :

Hello !
Ok I will try to create your fixture very soon. Can you screenshot the fixture you try to create ?

Thank you

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Hello, I have these mostly functioning but cannot figure out the color and gobo functionality. I currently have the color on a custom slide because it’s easier to control that way but would really like to be able to use the color wheel.

Hi David !
We prefered to implement a color picker because it’s easier. Maybe it is not adapted for certain uses.
It is not possible with Photon to select a specific gobo yet. It could be a good feature.
It is a good idea to use the custom but it is not the most convenient…
Thank you for your suggestion.

Okay, the gobos are not a priority for me but using the color picker is. Can you help me get that working please?

To use the color picker, in the fixture factory you have to add a color property and select gobos.
Then you have to add all colors in this property with theirs associated values on the 5th channel if you are in 12 channels mode or on the 3rd channel if you are in 10 channels mode.
You can edit another gobo color device to have an idea of how it works.
If you have problems tell me I will try to create the fixture for you

Thank for the reply. I am still having trouble. I tried to do what you said but I do not see any changes or understand how to control the color.

I am on 12 channel mode.

On the first screen of photon (the shows screen) you can select a show and share it. Can you send us the show (.phos file) please ?
Thank you