2 groups with the same projector


Question 1: I would like to create several groups with the same projectors. For example 1 group with 8 projectors in order to assign them the same color and 8 groups with each 1 projector in order to assign them 1 different movement. When I do this the movements are limited by the first group. Do you have another solution.
Question 2: I did not find the possibility to copy and paste a preset to assign it to a different group. I created a precise point that I would like to apply to several projectors
Thank you

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Hello @Eric !
if you put the same projector in 2 groups then Photon will “merge” each parameter.
For example if your projector :
in group 1 is red with a 0% position
in group 2 is green with a 100% position

then the result will be a yellow color with a 50% position

Unfortunately you will have to make one group per projector if you want them to be controllable as a unit.

For the second point, yes the copy/paste idea is a good one. We will add it to our TODO list because for the moment it is not possible! Thanks for the suggestion.


About Question 1, what’s the use case for that kind of configuration?
Isn’t it more usable to be able to assign the same projector to several groups and make it so that the last change in a group will determine the projectors state?



I use mixed groups specially for par systems, and led strips
My scene of discomobile contains 5 par36
And I affect as is :
1, 2 to group 1
2, 3 to group 2
3, 4 to group 3
And 4, 5 to group 4
So I can easier make more harmonious color mix with this feature

Hello @Eric
We have just implemented the duplication of presets as you requested. You just have to long press the preset (or sequence) et select “duplicate”. Enjoy !