2504 Crash During Live Gig

I’m running 2504 and had Photon2 freeze/crash on Saturday night (more specifically, Sunday morning) while running in the background behind OnSong (which sends MIDI to Photon to trigger light changes). I had to reload the show and it continued to work from there.

I’ve attached the last log file. However, I logged about 6 during the course of a 4 hour gig, but the freeze/crash only occurred at the end.

Photon.wakeups_resource-2022-10-09-010228.ips (26.9 KB)

Hello Michael,
How are you ?

Thank you for your sharing, we will try to investigate this problem.
Why do you don’t use the last version 2510 ? It is a more stable one.

I guess I missed that it was available in production on the App Store. I will download it. (This is why I asked for a new category to track the release history). Thanks!

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