512 (RGB) Channel Device and MIDI setup

I have a custom device with 510 channels (170 Pixel Led’s) and wanted to trigger by MIDI and there was no way to test either 512 channels or MIDI without the required purchase of Photon 2 Pro…
I have everything properly setup,the DMX monitor shiows all 512 channels but all 512 channels are treated as one color by the light control and all are receiving the same info.
I could not find anyway to change/control the lighting for individual channels or create a group of channels (like a sub fixture/group)…control/setup the lighting for each channel in a group.
Example:Leds(1-9) channels 1-27 in a group…Led’s (10-18).channels 28-54 in a group …etc etc…each group may have a scene or chase and use midi to trigger each group.Is this not possible or am I missing something.Is the main purpose of Photon 2 Pro for Grouping a number of devices(fixtures) with different addresses and controls each device(fixture) and all of it’s channels based upon the devices pre-programmed functions?
I am able to setup as described in a number of apps (No MIDI) and desktop software …Resolume Arena etc…but I am looking for a more compact DMX/MIDI control setup.
Thanks in advance.

I have the same with a Chauvet bar
So I do a trick
I have created 2 devices, one for global controls, and another for each par
So after I map the global control device and 4 par element