Ableton Link support


Please consider adding Ableton Link support to Photon. Many applications now support this amazing protocol for wireless/wired tempo synchronisation. Adding this would mean any performer using Ableton Live, Traktor, Serato, Resolume and many, many other apps ( could synchronise with the lighting systems easily.


Hello and welcome in the Photon community support.

Thank you for the suggestion, we are learning about how the protocol works so that it can be integrated into a future version of the application.
It’s a very good idea, I think synchronization could be more accurate than by the microphone.

I will keep you informed about the integration of this major feature.


Hello @PDNerd, I’m comming to give you some news !
We contacted Ableton and they just allowed us to integrate Ableton Link in Photon. We will study the documentation and integrate it soon.