Adding 2 hue to my shows (par led mainly)

I tried to add my 2 hue lights on my existing shows.
In my idea, is to have the possibility to replicate color shows far from the scene with existing lights.

So, Connections with bridge : ok !
But when I add them on groups composed with par led, they are in strobe mode.
Hue —> strobe 100%=full
Par leds —> strobe 0%=full. ; 1%very slow… 100%fast

I do not want to add new groups specific for hue!

Do you have any options ?

There is a mistake on par fixture
Open property was not set
If you set open property on par fixture, 100% will trigger Open
0% strobe means closed property

Thanks a lot !

I change the strobe parameter of my par led to virtual strobe.
And,now it’s ok

If your par has a real strobe channel you can use this

For example my par
0-10 is closed
11-15 open
16-255 strobe slow to fast
I set this three property on my fixture