Akai MidiMix - Not working

Hi, having trouble to get my Akai MidiMix to work with Photon.
In set-up it is recording midi values (CC Ch-2 Controller=17 Value=0 ……and then several lines with all values up to127) and assigning correct values to a fader or button, but it will not work in Live. I have a MIDI Tool on my iPad and can see it is sending midi values, same as assigned to fader / buttons, so my MidiMix is working and have been used for other light-applications.

Any suggestion ???

My Akai MPKmini is working fine.

Hi @Gulliks !
Can you screen a video with your iPad please in the mapping view ? It will be easier for us to understand the problem.
Thank you very much, the MIDI function in Photon is new so maybe very is a little problem with this controller we can fix.

Wow, that was quick reply, appreciated.
Here is two videos,
MidiMix not working in Live mode
MPKmini working in Live mode as it should.

Nope…. It will not accept to upload videos… made three screenshot of each instead…

This is the one I’m having trouble get working with Photon. Nothing happened after mapping to a button or fader.

Thank you, I have no idea why it doesn’t work but the number of events is weird. I think that @clemh78 have a near same controller, maybe he can try to say if it create the same bug. we have to work on it.

I have a similar problem, it existed still in the beta phase. The keyboard of my Midi Controller doesn‘t work, too. The launchpad works fine. Photon recognizes the note in the mapping view, but the button on the dashboard doesn‘t change. The note was played both time with the maximal velocity of 127.


Midi Controller:

Ok thank you for theses informations. I am waiting for @clemh78 testing to reproduce the bug and try to fix it. I can’t understand why this keyboard send the note twice…
Thank you @Gulliks and @Flupsi for this information, we will do our best.

Hi, here is a mapping overview of MidiMix, if it helps.

Hi @Gulliks and @Flupsi,

A workaround until the release is to use only Channel 1.
We’ve identified the issue, only first chan is working.

I fixed it and tell my team, we will release fix soon