App bug when adding new device


I’m new to photon.
When using the app I’m adding devices to my show.
After adding some devices while updating an old device name, address or any other property I’ve encountered a bug.
When pressing “Done”, the app overrides an old device name and address in addition to the update made to the device I was trying to update.
So now I have 2 devices on the same address and I can’t reach the device that was overridden.
Also when choosing a device after finishing the device update, the app selects a different device from the one that I just tapped on.

Is there a way to fix that?
Maybe a version update soon?


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Hello Say

You’re the first to raise this issue

Can you export the project and upload here please

The bug is in fixture creator or dispatcher ?

Thanks you

The bug is in “Mapping Panel” when adding more than one fixture or when trying to update existing fixture name.
link to my project


I identified the bug, we need to release a version to fix this. Thanks for you return


Photon 2.2.1 was released to fix your issue

Thanks you :slight_smile:

Thank you very much!!

Actually I just checked things and it seems to work fine when trying to rename a device, but changing its dmx channel will provoke the same issue

This is not a bug, the list of patched devices are sorted by DMX addresses. When you change the fixture DMX address from 12 to 498 (example) your device will move to the end of the list. Is that what you see?

Well you are right.
My bad.
Thanks again!

No problem ! :wink:
Thank you again for your help to improve Photon