Auto moving head patterns (effects generator)

Effect generator - can someone from the development team please confirm when this is likely to be released? Looking back at old questions, this has been asked for many times and the same response gets posted “it’s under development”
You’ve been saying this for 3/4 years without actually giving any indication how long we are likely to be waiting for it.

Without this feature, moving head fixtures become pointless if you want to create professional light shows. I want my moving heads to make a simple circles but I don’t see how it’s possible? Unless someone from the development team can put some simple instructions on how I can do it with the current software?

Looking at other lighting software (luminair being one of them) they all have this feature. It’s an essential feature if we’re being honest.

Please put a rough time scale on this so I can make a decision to stick with this software or use different software that fits my needs better. I don’t want to move to other software because I really think this has potential but the lack of communication on this essential feature by the development team is really poor.


Can’t you just set up a sequence that has about 8 or 10 scene positions around a circular pattern? Maybe alter the fade curves to one of the parabolic choices?

Hello @browny0099 !
I understand your concern about this feature. I’ll try to make my answer as clear as possible.

We did indeed set out to implement this feature a few years ago. And the way we wanted to make it as simple as possible, we came up against a problem linked to device group management. As the devices in a group can be different, their movements can differ and give undesirable effects. Some, for example, rotate at 270º, while others only rotate at 90º.
This implies profound modifications to the Photon fixture model.
As a result, over the years we’ve given priority to other functions such as MIDI management, documentation integration, Dashboard solo mode and so on.
Now we’d like to add multi-Dashboard management without compromising the iPad’s performance and energy consumption.
Movement management remains a key function that we’d like to integrate, but we’re going to have to adopt a new itterative approach to chop up the size of the project in small chunks.
Thank you for your understanding, we’re doing our best to make photon evolve in the direction of our users without compromising its simplicity.

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