Automatic Movement Moving Heads

Hi Guys

is there a way or is it planned that you can automate a certain movement for moving heads? More like a “controlled” “Auto” mode? Like I say how much % or velocity to move around in circle shapes or something?

Or otherwise how do you enable smooth curved movement for moving heads? My movements are quite strict or straight forward and I would like to have this “Auto” like movement as in the auto mode.

Any ideas? Thanks! :slight_smile:

Effect generator is under dev

Thanks for your patience



Is there already an update on this? The last post dates back to 2018, where it says by @djgreg13 that this is under development

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I have just ordered my first set of moving heads so this is super relvant to me. Is there any timeline for when we can expect this feature?

Do you have some sort of an idea when this feature can be expected? Are we talking weeks? Months? Not even during 2024?

This is kind of a dealbreaker for me now that I invest more in moving heads.

I have the movers set to a certain color, location, etc. in a preset. I then move them change the color, etc in another preset. If I create a sequence, select both presets, the movers move automatically where I had them. Click repeat and it goes forever. I also have created a sequence with more than two. :+1:t2:

That is the way I solve it at the moment but it takes ages to do more complex movement like circles or figure-8.

This is a standard feature in most lighting softwares so hopefully we will get it for Photon as well.