Automating "Release" of Buttons using MIDI file

Don’t know if this might help anyone but it works pretty well for me. My “BandHelper” program is sending MIDI commands one at a time to change my lights scene per song/section, and I wanted a way to quickly ‘release’ any button that remained active before I go into the next song. I know Photon is working on a plan to do this with button types - In the meantime,

I just used Reaper to create a MIDI track that does nothing but Release my buttons very quickly. So now before I start my song, I do the quick “play Midi File”, then on to set up the next song. Easy…


I also wrote an “All MIDI OFF” message in my OnSong application that basically resets all my lingering illuminated buttons on Photon. It actually contains 14 unique messages separated by 200ms delays. However, sometimes I notice that Photon seems to “miss” some of the messages and I’m left with a button or two left on. However, generally it works for me.