Automation for Spider lights

Hello. I have XPC spider lights which are basically to rows of tilting lights with 4 leds each. They work in 7 or 15 channel modes. I can control movement manually via the X/Y pad. I would appreciate the ability to automate movement in a loop. I used to use ShowBuddy which had the ability to apply automated oscillation to faders (speed, wave shape, etc). It would be great to be able to apply that to dimmers as well. Is there some other means of automating movement for these lights?

Hi and welcome !
You can do it but it is not very easy to do…
You have to create several « location presets » (by selecting only location property when you create it). Then, the idea is to add each location preset in a sequence. Then, when you will play it it will create a automatic movement without change others properties. You can create specialized presets/sequences for every properties (faders, colors…)

I hope I have answered to your question

Yes that is an answer. I hope there is a future upgrade to make programming movement easier!

Cool !
Yes it is a features asked by a lot of users