Background mode work for a while

Hi Photon team,
I had buy the pro version due to this version support background mode. However, when I screen off my iPad mini, background mode works only for a while. I use PAR to test, The sequence is R RG RGB RGBW RGB RG R blackout then repeat. However, when I screen off the iPad mini. The PAR run sequence as excepted but only for a while. I had created a button on live view with sequence. The PAR then freeze at one preset. When I screen on again, it resume normal and keep running sequence. When I test the same sequence with Photon free version. The PAR freeze at once when I screen off my iPad mini. So I think background mode is working but only for a while. I am using iPad mini 6 with iPadOS 16.1.1. Thanks.

Did you activate the Live-mode? As far as I know, Photon stops working in background after 2 minutes if it is not active (if you allowed notifications, you should get one).

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Hi Flupsi,

Before use Photon, I think I am using ‘Live’ mode until you ask. Then I check for myself and found that a red ‘Live’ stayed on lower right hand corner. This is a real ‘Live’ mode. I had not allow notification to pop up. So, I can’t see the message you show.Thank you.

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We don’t send other notifications with photon, the only notification is to tell you go on background with active project

Hi djgreg13,

Thanks for reply, I am still new to Photon. You Photon team make a great program. Also with community let us to ask. I will going to allow notification.

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