BLE MIDI controller

i am using midi controller which supports only BLE connectivity. Devices with BLE connectivity are not visible in iPad Bluetooth settings. I connect the midi device at first in Djay application and then I can use it with Photon. Is there a way to connect BLE device directly from Photon application?

Try : install Korg blemidi app before. Connect your device, and launch photon
Not sure it will works but I had a ble synth, and it was the only way to connect to iPad piano apps

I use a BLE Midi device and it does connect directly to my iPad and works great with photon 2. I use a WIDI Master. It does show up fine in the iPad Bluetooth connections. There has been once or twice when I had to reconnect it manually … but generally I just plug it in and my iPad automatically connects. Photon 2 then receives the midi messages. If you are struggling you might download the app called midi scope. I use that to trouble shoot every now and then and it helps. It’s free.