Blending fixture colors live

I created a bunch of different presets of RBG and then a few for WA and UV which are different faders. The problem is I can’t select/deselect these faders when editing the preset so that one doesn’t shut the other off. In other words and for example, I’d love to be able to turn the fixture on blue and then add UV live without having to create a blue and UV preset. This works with the custom channels (my fixtures have an RGBWAUV center light that are custom channels. Please don’t tell me I need to create a new custom fixture and program it all by hand… :frowning:


It’s not the best behavior, but you can workaround this
If you device has this specs ( 1R, 2 G, 3 B, 4 W, 5 UV, 6 Pan, Tilt), you can workaround by create 2 devices (1R, 2G, 3B) and the other with other chans, and two groups, one manage rgb, the second all other things)

we will study about this case

Hmmm… Yes. That will work although will create more groups now and ideally I’d like to be able to mix the RGB together as well. There should be the ability to include or exclude any individual DMX channel.

No it is not possible