Bug with Live display

I’m enjoying your app, its almost perfect for my venue’s needs. We have a theater style lighting system with a lot of traditional pars on dimmers. I need to create a show that can be run from an iPad via an art-net node, so non-tech staff can use the lights when bigger shows aren’t happening.

Unfortunately, though, there are a couple of problems which are preventing me from using your software as I’d hoped. I’ll outline the first problem here, as I see the second one has already been pointed out by another user and hasn’t been addressed yet.

The major issue for me is that when more than a certain number of groups are added, the Live screen is reformatted (condensed) and no longer fills the dedicated area. Specifically, the text in the upper left, “Live Dashboard”, is given priority and takes up additional room. I think you need to change the priority of the preview elements (the group indicator icons) at the top of the window in your app to accommodate larger numbers of groups.

I don’t know how to attach files in this forum, but I have screenshots which will show clearly what I’m talking about. However, the easiest way to see what I’m talking about is to do the following:

  1. Create new Show.
  2. Create 35 Groups. It doesn’t matter if they contain anything.
  3. Go to Live screen. It will no longer show the right formatting, instead the top section will be blank (due to the text, “Live Dashboard”, now taking up several lines)

It could also be helpful to do the above but only create 25 groups. Then you can see a lesser effect of what is happening (first screenshot).

This is really unacceptable for me, since I need to have a group assignment for each fixture, and there is no way to scroll the Live screen. This essentially makes it impossible to have more than 22 groups in a project and still be able to use the Live screen for anything :frowning:

Feel free to contact me for more information if that’s unclear, thanks in advance :wink:


edit::figured out how to attach images, see below

Hi @amounra
Your problem is not acceptable, I agree with you.

I just had a look to the code that manage this view, maybe we could display a limited amount of bubble (on the top right hand corner of the screen) to avoid the “Live Dashboard” resizing.
Could this change solve your problem?

Indeed this is a case that we had never noticed because we had not created so many groups before. Do you have a big stage?

For next problems you can send me an export of your show (export from the Home Screen of Photon) if you want.

I limited the number of displayed circles group to 20.
Like that :

That solution works for me :slight_smile: It would be awesome if we could have multiple rows of group icons, but I won’t be too picky…that solves the immediate problem and I appreciate it immensely.

I’ve got shows this weekend but when I get a chance I’ll rebuild my show with more programs again and send it your way. I do have a LOT of fixtures here, they’re all conventional pars (the guy that installed the lighting at this venue was a theatre guy and didn’t do the best thing for the venue really).

Cheers :slight_smile:


Cool, thank you for your feedback !
I understand that 2 rows can be better but I tried to do it and it is not really easy, it cause others problems on some devices.
I would be happy to see your setup with Photon when it will be ready :wink:

This is fixed in the last released !
Thank you for your help @amounra