Build # : the last beta build!


:newspaper: The build

In this 5th BETA version, and it is the last one, you will discover our new Photon 2 Logo, I hope you will prefer than the first one :smile:

And of course, we have fixed all the bugs you reported to us since the last BETA version.
Thank you @eliot_wbr, @kevin.pritchard, @jesseseetai and @Boris for your help.

We add ;

  • the new Logo
  • French, Chinese, Russian translations
  • a default “Show Example” for new Photon installations

:interrobang: And of course we fixed some others bugs :

  • Random crashes with un-reproductible workflows
  • Sequences transitions problems
  • Default groups properties values
  • Preset navigations problems
  • Factory random custom properties values
  • and more I forget :wink:

Thank you for the testing :slight_smile:

Hi! I look forward to publishing Foton2. I know there are many hours of work behind this. However, I also found some other bugs in this version
The first is visible in the next screenshot. When I scroll down and hide the “top sliders” and then activate a new preset, the hidden sliders are missing the edit button.
The second error manifests itself completely randomly, so that it is not possible to scroll up or down at all. It is possible to change the settings with the slider, you can also go live. However, when I return to Light Control, it is still not possible to scroll. It only helps to activate the Show button and reactivate the show. Boris

This is a bug and we will fix it ! Thank you !