Building A New Fixture - Request for a button/slider combo

When building a new fixture it would be helpful to have a button/slider combo, where a button would get it’s value from the slider.

I don’t quite understand the request. I think it is already possible to do so. You can put buttons and sliders in the same custom control. Is it what you need ?

It is not currently possible. You either have the option to create a button with a fixed value or a slider. They don’t work together. What I’m looking for is a slider that populates the value used for a button.

For example: I currently building a profile for a fixture that has 35 programs available on a channel. Currently to access all 35 programs I have to create 35 buttons. Or use a slider.

Using buttons means creating 35 buttons just to check out each program. This is tedious.

Using a slider means the fixture tries to activate all the programs it encounters as you move the slider around.

It would be helpful if the slider and button worked together. The slider would populate the value of the button when you pushed it. This way I could easily check out how a fixture reacts when a button sends a specific value.