Building new fixture - DMX live data to help confirm functions

When building a new fixture that has specific DMX ranges on one channel to activate certain functions it would be very helpful to have the DMX output active so that it’s possible to confirm button setting is activating the right effect - also having the DMX outputs optionally show as Value rather than % would be good

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Hello and thank you for this suggestion,

if you talk about informing this value in the custom controls view then it is possible but it will not be possible on the dashboard or on the generic groups view (color, strobe…). I add it to our todo list.

DMX Value is shown in “device configuration” but when a fixture has a small range of values which is divided into several effects such as gobo selection it can take a couple of iterations of putting the fixture in the active show to confirm that a set of buttons produce the right selection - if DMX output was active for the device address while configuring
then it would confirm the selection.
For example channel 6 on the mini moving head I just configured has 7 gobos between DMX 8 - 63 Divide (63-8) by 7 = 7.85 per gobo and the last 2 or 3 button values are not certain.

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