Buying photon 2 Pro (euro conversion)

I am trying to buy Photon 2 pro. But in the app it says it is costing me 94,99 euro’s while on your site there is a special offer for 79,99 dollar. How can i get the special offer? Because the difference of 20 euro’s is quite steep :#


Yes this is not the most logic conversion but it is the right App Store price.
Apple fix the conversation rate, as you can see the 79$ is USA correspond to 94,9€ in Spain (for example)

Well Apple hates us in Europe i geuss. Thanks for the response. we bought the pro version anyway. Great software and easy to add all our fixtures.

Hahaha maybe !
Thank you for purchasing Photon, I hope you will enjoy it, if you need something, if you want to share your experience don’t hesitate. See you :wave:

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