Bypass router by usb

Hi there is a way to use photon with ipad and camera adaptor kit( usb adaptor) . i mean i need internet to have tidal and D jay pro but many time the router of the place i play is not accessible or not near so i integrate a router in my setup but this one dont get internet. i have many contrôler in a hub to control ipad app like loopy etc, so if i can use Usb instead of wifi it can solve my problem. I have the ultradmx 2 pro as dmx adaptor. if you know how to connect a ipad to too different router it can solve too .:slightly_smiling_face: thanks

I have no idea if the iPad can handle two simultaneous network interfaces. I don’t think so, but I wouldn’t bet on it

iPad supports ethernet over usb

You can configure node for example with subnet and your iPad with subnet

And unicast to the node with Photon

You only need to get a usb to Ethernet, maybe a little switch (I don’t know if iPadOS supports cross Ethernet cable mode)

ok , i will give it a try but in fact i already have the ultra dmx 2 pro from (dmx king ). i was thinking that this box can make simple usb to Dmx conversion instead of wifi do dmx. in my setup i use djay pro with Tidal and i will send midi message to photon from djay at specific cue of the song so i can’t switch from one to other node.