Can photon be controlled by DMX?


I’m new here and looking for an IOS app that I can use to run lights from the stage. I specifically say run as i’m looking for something i can automate. I use the app BandHelper for my setlists and would like to send midi notes on a specific midi channel to an app that can receive them and load lighting scenes in the background.

I did a quick search but found no info on this forum. Any guidance would be appreciated.


Photon is intended to be used in master, photon control lights. Photon has no input for receive order. But we can study for a future version.


  • 1 for midi control!!!

I am in the exact same place as Beeker - I use Setlist Maker (a version of Band Helper) on IPad as my control centre on stage. As I select songs in Setlist Maker it sends midi controls to switch fx pedals on/off, plays samples or synths in AUM. To be able to trigger sequences of lights or combinations of lights in Photon via midi and IN TIME to midi clock would just be perfect.

A few other IOS lighting apps offer midi control - but none combine it with the look and ease of Photon. Keep up the excellent work!!

Agreed. Need MIDI control!

Me too!

I use BandHelper in conjunction with a Behringer X32 & a few other MIDI devices. Have tried almost every pro-level iPad DMX app on the market to put the lights under MIDI control.

Photon has one of the absolute best/intuitive interfaces out there & it would be awesome to have MIDI implementation!

Look forward to following this topic & if anyone has suggestions, please let me know!

Hi Wolff !
We tried to add MIDI in Photon but the kernel of the app was not very compliant and the result was not conclusive.
We are working hard (very hard) on a new Photon major version for soon. It will allow to create a custom dashboard to launch easily presets, sequences…
The goal is then to trigger dashboard buttons to MIDI triggers. In the same time we will add MIDI clock because Ableton Link synchronization is not enough.

In any case, all the compliments you make about the app are very encouraging !!

Thank you very much

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