Can Photon read DMX values on an existing setup?

I have a Chauvet Stage Designer 50 console, controlling a dozen lights on a standard 3-wire DMX chain. House lights, spots, & accent lights, faders only, nothing fancy. I also have a Chauvet DMX-AN2 configured as an sACN converter, controlled by Photon. My plan is to migrate from the Stage Designer 50 to Photon+DMX-AN2. To simplify the migration, I’d really like to be able to read the individual DMX values for the existing looks, which isn’t possible on the SD50. Is Photon able to act as a “sniffer” on the wire and show me those values? I’ve played around with it, but all I can get it to display is whatever it is sending.

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I can advise to use a second app for sniffing packets, I use it for debug photon

It’s DMX Monitor, I have this on my iPhone and I do the same.