Can you Please add these two Fixtures!

I have these two new fixtures I need to add!

Can you please assist!

1- Chauvet 6 Spot:

2- U King Spider Light:

Thank you so much once again :pray:t3:

Can this please be done before this weekend ? Got a huge event this weekend so wanted to make sure I had everything!

The 6Spot looks to be pretty straightforward and the Mini Spider in the 7ch mode doesn’t look too hard. What issues were you having when you tried to make your own configuration?

It’s like if I assign channel I should have a fader like all the other DMX out there . Once u make the profile than I have no way to use it . That’s one thing I don’t like about that . Like why is it always for moving head with the the x and y axis ? You should be able to choose how ur group looks and not that stock format.

And yes it looks easy but I can’t ever figure it out . That why I asked the boss man to add it when they should case you either request it from the app or from here . I rather have the professional do it cause I can’t figure it out. Plus they have done others for me so why do it myself when they are able to help?