Can you tell me if this fixture is listed under another name?

I just have this unit and was wondering if it is supported. I did not find the manufacturers “Marygel” or “Aoellit” or “Traely” in the app, but I know these devices may be sold under many names. If someone recognizes it, please let me know. Thanks!

Hello !
Do you have a documentation ? Can you send me a picture of the documentation for the DMX Mapping ?
I can create the fixture for you in Photon and share it :slight_smile:

Thanks very much! Here is a picture of the DMX info page from the manual.

I can add more pages or send you a PDF, but nothing else looks relevant to DMX.

Whouaa it is a very strange DMX fixture.
I will have to use many customs buttons instead of native Photon color pickers, dimmer… I try to do something to you, I will keep you in touch !

@Cclleemm – thank you but if it is difficult, please don’t spend your time on this. I don’t even own a DMX interface yet, I am just getting started on my research. This is a really cheap fixture that a lighting professional wouldn’t touch. :slight_smile:

In case it helps someone else here is a link to the manual:

Marygel 4 in 1 Stage Lights IGB-Y02

Thank you for the manual, I will not create it right now, we have a “todo list” with fixtures to create, I’m adding it in the list. If you buy the fixture and you don’t find the model in Photon just tell me and I will create it in priority !

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