Can't edit a show after copying it

I have a show with 17 fixtures and 77 presets/sequences. I decided to copy the entire show and now when I go into either the original or the copy the shows, devices, edit and + are all greyed out. So once I go into the show I can’t even go back by pressing shows. What’s gone wrong. Anyone else had this. Its the full version of photon.

Hello @Pinkfloyd
I think the “live mode” is enable so you can’t edit (to avoid mistake when you perform a live) when it is enable.

You can disable it by open the show, tap the tempo (bottom right corner) and disable live mode.

If it is not the problem, can you send us a screenshot to help us ?

Just been in and had a look and yes it was in “Live mode” switching that off means that I can now edit it all again.

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Glad I could help!
Don’t hesitate to come back to us if you have any further questions or comments.