Can't find Custom Control

I created a custom fixture. Everything works!
I added a custom control on CH3 which puts my fixture into an automatic mode when dmx is 201-255
Once I add this fixture to a group I cannot seem to find this control. I selected Custom Controls and got a blank screen.

Hi !
can you send me a screenshot of your custom fixture ?
Indeed, this is not normal, you should see it appear in the “Custom Control” view of your group.

Ok, this is not normal at all.
Can you send an export of your show ?

To do it go to the Home Screen, select your show and click to export by mail or AirDrop.

I’ve got the show saved but the forum won’t allow me to upload it

Is it a .phos extension ?

yes. I get this

I just promoted you :wink: try again ?

Photon (1 show).phos (205.0 KB)

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FYI, It is an iPad Air2, IOS 15.2

Ok, I have an idea.
Did you modified your fixture after you mapped it ?
If it is, you have to delete the mapping and add it again to your show and your group.

Yes, this is not user friendly, a fixture edition will only update the fixture database and not devices in your show.

I just created a new show and yes it did work. I’m from the old Chamsys MagicQ thought where an update updates everything.
Thank you. I will test it in my live scenario later

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