Change % to a value on a slider

In the manual for Chauvet 4 play the settings are listed as values from 0 to 255, when I add a custom slider it goes 0 to 100%. How do I change it to accept values, ie, 215.

This is because all slider are from 0% to 100%

So if your is 0 to 255 for 215 it is
215*100/255 : 84% :slight_smile:

Maybe we need to plan a evolution to show real value beside the percentage @cclleemm ?

Thanks, I guessed that I would have to do some calculations. With Chauvet 4Play there are 37 different values for each light, so being able to specify the value rather than % would be really useful. Chauvet has on each light channel the following, this is just the first few values.
000 - 010 Off
010 - 016 Group 1 White
017 - 022 Group 2 White
023 - 028 Group 3 White
221 - 255 All on.

In case of function without parameters I create custom with point instead of range
For you :
0 Off
14 group 1 white
19 group 2 white

I did not realise that you could do that. I have done it and that is a brilliant feature, having labled buttons for each of the values is genius. Is it possible to copy a channel to another. Again with 4Play the first 4 channels have 37 buttons and to create each entry on each channel will take ages, is there a way that once you have a channel that you can copy it to the next channel, I could not see a way of copying.
Thanks for your prompt responses and support.

Can you please explain this a little more? This seemed like an excellent idea, so I tried the following:
On my fixture, channel 6 is the program selection, so in “devices”, I created a custom device and then assigned “custom” control to channel 6, and assigned as a button. The first program is in the value range of 16 to 25, so I just assigned the button a value of 16. I then created another “custom” control to channel 6, and assigned it as a button with a value of 26 to select program 2 (26 to 35) on the fixture. And so on.
I created a show using this device and one group. I then went into the “custom control” section of the group and selected my buttons, but only the last button I programmed would select a program on my fixture. In others words, if i created 3 custom controls, only the 3rd button would work. The first two did nothing. I don’t know if the problem is that my fixture doesn’t like this implementation, or I did this wrong. Any idea?

Do the following:
On your fixture, channel 6 is the program selection, so in “devices”, create a custom device and then assigned “custom” control to channel 6, Then press the +Button/Slider add text1. Then press +Button/Slider add text2, press +button/Slider add text3. You can then change the values of each to the value you want, press the 0 on the line of that text and change the value, ie text1 6, text2 16, text3 26.
Hope this helps. It works very well

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Thank you Pinkfloyd! I was wrong by creating a custom control for each! I didn’t realize that you could create a multiple buttons per one channel! Awesome, yes, this is perfect!

Glad I could help and you have the functionality that you want. It is a good feature.