Chauvet 4BAR Quad

Can you add independent light control with 4BAR QUAD? Do I have to separated the individual lights as devices?


For now I create one device for global control and one device for each head of the bar

How would you separate them into different devices? Will anything on the 4bar need to be changed? I tried adding multiple devices but not sure what to set the DMX channel too as it doesn’t allow the same channel for multiple devices (for obvious reasons).

The 4BAR has 15 channels. The first Device I set up was the first three channels. I called the device 4Bar Dimmer. Channel 1, I set a custom called Program, set a slide called Program, channel 2 was a dimmer, channel 3 was a strobe, or static channel. I made one of these for the show.

Then I created a new device called 4BAR Light. It was just Colors RGB. That also uses three channels. I made 4 of these for the show.

When setting up the Show, for Group 1, I added both the Dimmer Device and knight 1. The first group has two devices. I set up three more groups each with 1 light device, (2, 3, 4). So now you have 4 groups, they run each individual light on the 4 bar. The first group also controls, Dimming and Strobe.

On the light, be sure the Number of Channels is set to 15. Then be sure the first group starting channel/address number is the same address as on the 4bar,

I hope this helps.

Thanks for the quick response! So I have channels 1-3 set as one device. For the individual pars, I have par 1 set to RGB channels 4, 5, 6. But when I make number of channels 3, it switches to 6 because the last number is 6. Do I just make each par 3 channels and RGB 1-3?

Nevermind, I was able to get it working. I was trying to use channels 4,5,6 for par 1 when each par just needs to be set to 1,2,3. Thanks for all your help!

Great! Have a good one!