Chauvet COREpar 40, SlimPAR 64 RGBA, Swarm 4 & Swarm 5 FX,

Hello - I just took over some lighting and purchased Photon 2 to control them on my iPad. I could not find the Chauvet lights below. Can you please add them to the app?

CorePar 40 - 8 Channel

SlimPAR 64 RGBA 8 Channel.- It is similar to the SlimPAR 64 7 chan but with Amber as an additional channel.

Swarm 4 - 4 Channel

Swarm 5 FX - 9 Channel

I also have the .txt files with the channel definitions that I can send

Thanks for the help!


Hello and welcome!
Thanks for the documentation, it will be useful for us.
We are taking a little time to create the fixtures because there are not enough of us unfortunately.
We will do our best, have you been able to create the fixture yourself and test the application or are you stuck?

Thank you very much for your contribution and for the purchase.
We will do our best to help you

I added Swarm 4 and SlimPAR RGBA.
You have to launch the app twice to synchronize the Fixtures database. Please, before I create others, tell if it works well.

Thank you. I am all set on creating my own fixtures. I found it fairly easy to do after spending time learning the app. I do find that the more complex fixtures like the Chauvet Swarm 5 FX don’t respond well when using a slider for the channels that are set up with a range of options in each channel. For example, Channel 2 (Derby Color) for the Swarm 5 FX has 32 programs. Setting up a slider for each program doesn’t work well. I have been creating a button with an address in the middle of that range and that seems to work. .