Chauvet Fixtures - Please add

Are you able to add the following Chauvet fixtures?

  • Intimidator Spot 260
  • Geyser P7
  • Q6 BT

Also are we able to get FX options with the Intimidator Spot 260 and the Chauvet Colorband T3 BT?

Hey Daniel and welcome !
I added :

  • Intimidator Spot 260
  • Geyser P7
  • Q6 BT

Please @Dfreyyy tell me if it works well.

If you have any problem with Photon don’t hesitate to tell us on this community website.

Enjoy Photon 2 !

Yes they work! However the geyser will not light up at all or change to any color. Just the dog works.

Also with the Chauvet Colorband T3 BT, there are no custom controls for the FX or AUTO Channels. Were coming from Luminair and were able to add effects to where it changes colors etc, as of now we can only choose one color at a time.

I just try the Geyser P7 with my DMX simulator and lights seem to work well. I don’t know where the problem can be. Can you tell me at what address you patch this fixture and send me a screenshot of your DMX monitor (by touching the left bottom corner of the app) ?

If add the Chauvet Colorband T3 BT in 13 channels for you that will allow you to control FX and AUTO channels. Enjoy !

Only 2 issues now… With the geysers I can control the lights when I turn them on, but they turn off automatically after a minute and after that even putting the dimmer all the way down then back up they don’t come back on at all like they did with Luminair.

With the light bars, the strobe function stops working after a little bit.

Checking in about this

I don’t know how to help you better, I copied the documentation of the devices and I even tested them on a 3D simulator and it looks good. I may have made a small mistake but I will have a hard time finding it since I don’t have your devices to test them.

If however you find the solution do not hesitate to tell me so that I correct the problem.

thank you