Chauvet Freedom H1 strobes instead of fading

Hi. I have made some presets and, in live mode, I try to get my Chauvet Freedom H1 (wireless dmx/D-fi) to fade in some of the presets. I have added a buttom for the preset and set the time for transition to 4sec. When I activate the button the fixtures are flashing instead of fading in, during the transition time. Dimming manually works like it should, both with the master fader and the group faders.

Just to check I connected a ADJ 5P Hex with a dmx cable and added it to the same group, and the ADJ fades like it should while the H1 is strobing/flickering.

I would be very grateful for any help.


Hi Remi,

I think I had a similar experience when I made my first setup. It was some time ago so I don’t remember exactly.
Everything was working fine until I went LIVE. All my lights were “strobbing” their way from off to on.

In order to work around this, I created an “All off” preset in “Light control” tab, which I made a shortcut to in the “Live” tab.
When activating LIVE mode, the first button I press is “All off”. (I even use “Locked” setting on this button)
From this point on, I could fade in my lights without the flickering issue.

I don’t know if it will solve your issue, but it might help :slight_smile:

Best regards,

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Thank you so much, I will try that later today.

Have a great day!


Hello again. I tried out what you said and it seems to work which is fantastic! Now I see an end to my frustrations, the fade option was one of the biggest reasons I went for Photon 2.

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

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Remi, I’m happy it worked for you too :smiley:

How do you like the Freedom H1s? I am thinking about buying some for sale locally… but I was a little worried they might not be bright enough, as the specs have a low Lux output. How do you find them working for you? Also, I guess your flashing problem during fading might be because your scene(s) don’t have the “strobe effect” selected in the scene(s) and set to force zero strobe effect. Either that, or the dmx channel 8 for strobing on the H1 needs to be set to no effect (0-010) in your scene(s).

Thanks for the suggestions about strobe settings, I will for shure look into it.

As for the H1s, I like them very much for my use as a single performer. I`ve tried them for a couple of gigs and used three of them as background light up against a wall and one for lighting me. I will might buy one more set of 4 fixtures to have a little more flexibility and possibly have one fixture from each side lighting me to avoid to much shadow.

I find them to be quite bright, considering the small size but they are of course not as bright as my ADJ 5P Hex which are 3-4 times the size of the H1s.

From my experience I would recommend them for single performers or maybe duo`s on smaller stages. The big thing for me is the ease of setup without cables, the H1s have an adjustable bracket with a magnet. For my two gigs using them I placed three behind me on the floor, slightly tilted against the wall, and one placed on top of one of my speaker. I have mounted a small steel plate on the speaker and just put the magnet on the bracket on that. Quick and easy :slight_smile:
Se picture for an example of the back lights.