Chauvet SlimPar 56

Although the Chauvet SlimPar 56 (7 channel) is available as a ready-made fixture in Photon, it doesn’t appear to have the appropriate DMX controls configured. There is color (channels 1-3), dimmer (channel 7) and strobe speed (channel 5), but the Macros (channel 4) and Programs (channel 6) are missing from both the main control page and the custom control page. I have attached the DMX map for reference.

Hello, i taked a look about this device

Color macros has not in Photon because there is no details of macros works. What i put a slider from 15 to 255 ? and it is in conflict with Photon group philosophy.

For Program, there are missing in our fixture.

You can wait we fix or edit with your preferences and submit the fix


I’m sorry but I don’t understand your answer. The Slimpar 56 and 64 appear identical from a DMX perspective (see attachment). Your Slimpar 64 fixture includes both Macros and Modes. How can this go against your philosophy? (bottom right of the attached file).

The links to both are here:

Thanks you

I will backports properties from the 64 to 56 :slight_smile: