Christmas with Photon!

Would love to see other people christmas shows done with photon! Let me start with some pictures of our church service running just a couple of uplights and simple white wash on stage.


Hey !
Thank you for sharing, it is very nice :star_struck: Good job !
Is it fixed lights or you change it or animate it during the event ?
We are very proud to see such monuments illuminated with Photon, thank you again for these pics.
Have a great Christmas and see you soon.

I created a sequence where the fixtures slowly turned from red to blue. I had one sorta problem though. I had turned the fade all the way to 10 in the sequence but it still was to fast. So i had to turn the BPM to 40. If i went to 20 it skipped the last part of the sequence for some reason.

If you don’t really synchronize your sequence to the music I suggest you set it to “seconds” rather than “tempo” and then you can make them last as long as you want.

Oh wow! Thanks!! I dont know that was possible