Clone a show

In future updates it would be amazing if you could implement a clone show option so that we can make a master show with all of our programmed lights and then use that customize other shows from


Hi @Cstratto,

It’s a good idea, I will see with the team.


Hey, I would love to see that too. This was one of the reasons for me to join the forum. :slight_smile:

So thumbs up for the poster.

Is it okay to capture this thread for more feature requests? If not, may an Admin please move the post to a better place?

I would love to see two features:

  1. a way to reorder my groups in the shows view

I created a huge show with all my fixtures in it and I would love to have a chance to move the fixtures to the top 6 spots, which I actually have mounted on the rig. This changes from event to event due to the customers wishes.

  1. May it be possible to allow longer sequences? 32 or 64 bars?


  1. maybe a way to slow things down like “every 2nd Basskick” or “every 4th bass kick”? (Instead of switching from mic to manual and half down the detected BPM)

Thank you for looking into it. I mean a huge fan of the app.

Thanks for your efforts.


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We understand the “clone” option and we will tried to implement it in a next version of Photon :slight_smile: We have a long roadmap that’s why it take a time…

No problem, you can keep it in the same message but it’s better to create one topic by feature.

  1. Ok, it would be convenient to reorder groups in “edit” mode.
  2. For the sequencer, we’ve already thought about a mode on 64/128/256 and we have not yet managed to implement a “user-friendly” UI… It’s a big work but it’s already in the roadmap. Many users ask us this feature.
  3. This third point looks like the second? Tempo x2 x4 /2 /4 ?

Really happy to know that you like our app, we will try to make it better with your help !
If you have pictures/videos of your show don’t hesitate to show them to us, it makes us happy :wink:


Thank you @Cstratto your suggestion, because you are a lot asked us this feature we just add it in the last version Photon Photon (v1.4). You can do it from the “shows” screen. Select a show (long touch) and you will have the possibility to clone your project with all DMX mapping (and export it to another iPad for example).
It was a great idea and we code it ! Thank you again