Color wheel on live dashboard?

Maybe I don‘t understand the concept… in my opinion the live dashboard should be a way to control your lights in an easy way. Why is there no option to add a color wheel to the live dashboard?

Also, on the light control tab, if I tap on group with only lights in it with a dimmer (without colors), why is there a color wheel and options to control position? That makes no sense at all…

Thank you for your explanations.


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No answer on this…? Still don‘t understand…

Hello Leo,

I am not part of the development team of the application and I want you to know that, but leaving you without an answer is a shame.

The application aims to be simple and understandable by a maximum of people. It doesn’t matter if a function is useful for some projectors or not. The fact that they do not change avoids bugs and especially allows the user to always have the same simple and clear interface.

I don’t think that this is a problem for you in the use of the application and if it is, it would be interesting to explain how you see things.

I think that a person related to the project could bring more explanation

Lucas :wink:

I’d also love to have the option of adding color wheels to the live dashboard (along with multiple pages for the live dashboard). Having color presets for groups is great 90% of the time for me, but for the other 10% a color wheel to smoothly transition between colors and/or dip into non-preset colors would be amazing.

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