Colours not working with moving heads

I just bought 4 moving heads and did a fixture for myself because it isn‘t in the fixture library. Channel 5 sets the colour wheel, 1-63 sets one specific colour and after that, I can select „half colours“ (two at the same time with a black line in the middle) and a fader with an automatic changing in different speeds. I programmed for the fixture, that I can set the normal colours in the colour picker and the automatic changing with a fader in the custom controls. When I open Photon, I can set my colour with the colour picker but after the first movement of the fader in custom controls, the picker doesn‘t work anymore.
I attach screenshots, maybe then my setup is more comprehensible.

I shared the device with the community, although it is not ready. I thought I can upload it here, but it was the wrong function. If it is public, please delete it, it is not finished! :expressionless:


Photon is designed to be simple on colors effects and doesn’t support multicolor or custom control on a color channel

We need to make some adaptations to support this


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Hello guys. I am also I need for multi color fixtures….

I think it would be great to move ahead this feature request I see many people for it.

Let’s do it!