Compatibility photon with different modems

Hi, Photon is compatible with this DMX Signal WiFi Converter Art-net DMX512 Communication Protocol WF310?


What bieyutnye modems are suitable for good work?

I have never tried this converter but it seems to works with a Art-Net input (through WIFI) and deliver DMX output. therefore it should work with the Photon app because it is compatible with the Art-Net protocol. Maybe you will have to configure the converter with its setup software, I don’t know.
If you prefer Ethernet than WIFI you can use the eDMX1 Pro for example but it’s more expensive :

I hope it will help you, if you have anymore question don’t hesitate to ask us :wink:


I am very interested in your results as I myself am looking into this specific unit. Will you please share your findings. I would like to know your results.
Thanks you