Conecting with wifi dmx receiver for7X18 Shehds

I downloaded your application (free for now before seeing if everything connects).
I have two 7X18 lyre shehds.
I connected a wifi DMX receiver which is well connected to the wifi of the Ipad.

I don’t know / can’t get the app to communicate with the lyres.

I add the device from the list on the left. I am asked to check several buttons for the channels. And I have a small yellow sign telling me that the dmx addressing is limited to 16 channels.

I’m starting from scratch can you help me please? I want to buy the version that can be used with sound for a Friday night concert.

Thank you for your support.

Hi @JuRock !
What DMX receiver are you using ?
You have to be sure that Photon communicate with it. Then you could add your fixtures.
With the free version Photon send only the firsts 16 DMX channels. So, in your case, I think that only the first lyre will works. Can you send me a screenshot of your DMX mapping view ?

Thank you.

Hi JuRock,

You may also benefit from using the midimtr app to integrate the wifi with Photon.

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typo? did you mean the midimittr app?

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Yes, my bad. Since I am using MIDI to trigger everything from within the performance iPad, using Multitracker, midimittr has been stellar.

Thx to all my set up is working.

Do you have an idea we’re can I find template setting or tutorial please?
Because I want to set my 2 lyres but I do not understand how to program them on the app.