Connecting Photon App and SkyPanel Wirelessly

Hi there,
I am new to DMX world,
After looking through several option, I ended up choosing Photon because of it easy-using interface.
I’ve connect the App (in my Macbook M1) directly to an Arri SkyPanel S120-C through Lan cable, DMX mode 1, sACN Mode 1. Everything is working fine.
But when I tried to do it wirelessly through an Wifi router, nothing happen.
I can not use the app to control the fixture at all.
Dont know what am I setting wrong here.

Is there anyone have an experience connecting Arri Skypanel to Photon can help me on this please, thanks.

Hi and welcome !
This is not normal, I have few questions
Is the MacBook and the Skypannel connected to exactly the same (WIFI) network ?
Are you in univers or multicast mode ?

Thank you,
Got it work, after digging into the menu setting and the manual of the skypanel, the problem is in the DMX setting mode, got a setting called: Extended color control, that make the skypanel use 20 channel of the dmx, disable that and fixing the IP address in the app fix everything;

The app working fine, I already done a job with it, Arri Skypanel mode 1, and some Aputure LED light, profile by myself, uploaded it to the community already.

Got some feedback when using the app,

  1. if I can use color code in color menu of the light, it would be nice.
  2. any chance of profiling the light like skypanel to get exact the Kelvin number in CCT slider instead of %?
  3. Can I have a % measurement in Group setting so I can set the light in the way I want?

Thank you,
Comment from the DP using the app for Film Light :slight_smile:

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Great if it works! Don’t hesitate to share a photos or videos of Photon in action, it’s always a pleasure, especially for the shooting of a movie, it’s real impressive !
As for your features requests, I have noted them, can you explain the 3rd one ? They will be realized according to the number of users who ask for them and according to their creation time. Thanks for your interest in Photon and see you soon!