Controls on dashboard do not translate into correct channel values = wrong colors, limited range of movement etc

I have two U’King mini LED gobo moving heads that I control with the Photon 2 app. Since they are not RGB but the colors are also gobo based I manually added the color gobos when creating my own fixture. That worked well for a while also when using the native color controls in Photon 2 but after a while Photon 2 starts to mess with the values. E.g. “red” has a value of 10 on channel 5 while “orange” has a value of 51 on channel 5. In the fixture setup the correct values are associated with the correct color. But if I select red in the Light Control dashboard, the app will set channel 5 to 51 and give me orange. That also happens with all other colors.

And the striking thing is that for a while it worked well.

Photon 2 also appears to mess with other values, so that after a while my moving heads won’t use the full spectrum of movement. Even if I set the location control to the extreme edges, the value will be stuck at 170 instead of 255. Again, in the fixture the whole range of 0 to 255 is correctly defined.

Why does Photon 2 not correctly control the channel values?

I attached some screenshots to illustrate the problem.

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PS: I did reset the moving heads and there is no limitation of the range of movement programmed in the moving heads.

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I would like to add that Photon 2 actually produces total nonsense as to the DMX output values. Why does the DMX monitor show the values in the screenshot while all controls and custom controls are set to zero? I do not control the fixtures by any other apps or controllers in parallel.

The outputs the app creates just do not appear to make any sense at all… at least to me.

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Hi and sorry for the response time…
Welcome on the Photon community.

This is a normal situation for the value of the first and third channel.
When the location pointer is set to the center of the grid it signify that it is 50% tilt and 50 % pan that corresponds to 50% x 255 = 128 for each tilt and pan values. Photon DMX monitor is correct.
For others channels, 8 and 10 can you make screenshots of the fixture to understand what is matching ?
Thank you

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Thanks for kindly welcoming me :blush:

Here is a (long) screenshot of the fixture’s settings plus a copy of the manual. The channel/value allocation is identical to Eurolite TMH-17.

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Thank you for these details. I think you have to add a custom button in your fixture for the channel 10. Try to create it in Internal Control to value 0, name it “No Program”. It will allow you to reinit and exit the internal control program.
For others channels this seems to be the good behavior.

You have to unpatch your fixture and patch it again to integrate this modification in your show.