Could you add a profile for event lighting. PARP12X8

Could you add a profile for event lighting PARP12X8

Hi Dougit,

I had read the manual of the PARP12x8, if you are using ‘4 channels mode’, I think it’s easy to create a profile. As I mentioned before. I had created another PAR profile. It’s more complicated. However, the main channels I use to test this PAR is R, G, B, W and dimmer only. I use 5 channels of this PAR. For your PAR, ‘4 channel mode’ + 1 dimmer is also 5 channels.

I had attached mine for your reference. Easy though. Good day.

Thank you so much for that!. I will try and get this working based on your eill be s few days before I get a chance to do that. thanks again- much appreciated.

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