Crashing in background

Hi, I started running Photon in background mode behind Bandhelper rather than on a separate iPad. Since doing this, my lights occasionally stop responding. Flipping Photon to the foreground, the app quickly crashes and returns me to the show selection page. I select a show and it’s back to normal.

Any Troubleshooting tips?
iPad Pro 12.9 6th gen
iPadOS 16.5.1
Photon 2.5.3

I’d love to get this resolved before my next gig in a few weeks.

Hi Jay. I also run Photon in background (Live mode) with BandHelper in foreground. I also have Mixing Station in background.

It usually crashes one or two times a gig. Tried to troubleshoot it a few times, we never did find the reason. I am hoping for a next release, to test it further and maybe find the issue. Photon is so good otherwise I just work with it, and can usually tell immediately when it crashes and just restart the program - takes me about 10-15 seconds to restart now.

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I have Photon running behind OnSong. To “avoid” this problem I reboot my Ipad between each set. If i don’t, I often get a Photon crash in the 3rd set (after about 3.5 hours of non-stop operation).

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