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Hi guys, I bought some DMX moving heads that are not listed. how do I get them on the list?
Here are the links to each:

Need a profile

I’m sure that they come with a DMX map - just go to “Custom Fixtures” and setup a new fixture to the dmx Map… its easy…

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Yes you are right @Dgmultimedia !

If it is not in your list you can ask the Photon team to create it for you or create your own fixture by following this doc, it is easy :

Then, as @Dgmultimedia said, you have to map it with DMX adresses to your show, you can read this doc :

Thanks for the link. I got the light to work but not the way I would like it to. Can your team please create it for me.
Here i the moving head.

Here is the Moving wash. I bought these on Amazon because I had a credit.