DMX installation

I’m a light artist/designer and professor at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. I was recently asked by a client to program a DMX lighting installation on an iPad. This is new to me so hopefully I can communicate what I want to do effectivly. It will consist of 292 fixtures, each RGBW, so 1168 channels. One 16 channel DMX decoder per 4 fixtures. 10-12 scenes. No dynamic effects just color changes. The end user needs to be able to change scenes via ipad and set scheduling. Is this within the capabilities of Photon?

Hi !
If you want to address all your DMX fixtures with different adresses it will not be possible because Photon can control only 1 universe which means 512 channels.
There is severals solutions for your installation. Do you want apply a unique color (simultaneously for each fixture) ? If that is the case you can set the same DMX address for all your fixtures.
If you want to separate your devices you can address for exemple 4 fixtures with the same address (4 channels), it will reduce the number of used channels by 4 : in your case 292 channels left (compliant with Photon). So Photon can work with your work.

For scheduling you can create sequences, theses sequences it sync on a BPM (manually or with music). It is not a specific time scheduler. You can create animation and play it but not trigger a behavior at a specific time.

I hope I have been able to answer your questions, your project seems very interesting to me, do not hesitate to tell me more I could perhaps help you and on top of that I am very curious :wink:

Hi @gmowery!,

I am just curious if your question was adequately answered.