Dmx king pro1 connection

Need help connecting my DMX King Pro one interface to photon app on iPad

Hi and welcome !
This video could help you : Photon & eDMX1 PRO : Setup tutorial for wireless control - YouTube

This video did not really help me because I don’t see what they’re clicking on and what he’s entering

I’m the EDMX configuration software I am not sure what I’m supposed to do

And I don’t know how to translate that information to the photon app

If you haven’t done so, try this.
Go into the Photon configuration page and change the Universe from 1 to 0.
That was the only thing I needed to do to connect Photon and eDMX Pro

Isn’t it the other way around? I think there is an offset of 1 with the eDMX1.
It seems to me that if univers = 0 on the box then you have to put univers = 1 on photon.
I’m not sure but test both at worst. If not, send us pictures of your configurations so that we can try to help you

My Photon settings page.

From the documentation:
eDMX1 PRO products consider Art-Net 00:0:0 to be Universe 1 (i.e. offset by 1)
so there is an easy mapping between sACN/E1.31 and Art-Net.

Photon considers Art-Net 00:0:0 to be Universe 0

eDMX1 PRO’s default Art-Net port address is 00:0:0, so although DMXking lists that as Universe 1 on it’s configuration page, to Photon it is known as Universe 0

Changing the Photon Universe from 1 to 0 was the only setting I needed to get eDMX1 PRO and Photon connected successfully.

Some switchs and AP can drop multicast/broadcast trames
So you can fill the IP address of eDMX into the field

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This is the same for my configuration as well. eDMX1 PRO is working fine with other iPad app software, would not respond using Photon 2 until I changed Universe in Photon to 0. Now works as expected.

Works the same with either Multicast or Unicast so far.