Do not put an icon

Hello, I would like to put buttons to change the gobo, I put the image in the background but I would like not to put an icon on the button to see the gobo well, musically, Nathan

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Hi Nathan !
Do you speak about the Live Dashbord ?
It is not possible actually but it is a good idea. We will try to code this for the next photon version, for Christmas :santa:

Thank you

This is what it looks like, the image of the gobos is “spoiled” by the logo :heavy_check_mark:

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that looks great, beautiful dashboard :heart_eyes:
We will try to add a « clear » icon to avoid this spoiling

Yes, it looks really good, I’m going to do my first evening with this software, I would like to make some videos to make the software known to a French community, I would try to do it when I have a moment and share it on French DJ groups in which there are a lot of people!

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Thanks, that very nice ! Don’t hesitate to send us the video we will be proud to see Photon in action. We really need help of the community to ne known and make our app even better !